Caviar of Mirood city in north of Iran since 1953 MIROOD Caviar brand is the most luxurious caviar brand in Iran, which tries to revive the culture of caviar tasting, which is a 782 year old culture.

Caviar tasting and pair it with champagne and white wine, which is an old tradition to enjoy the taste of pure Iranian Beluga Caviar, which is the best caviar in the world.

MIROOD Caviar by designing luxury caviar tasting parties and inviting the best sommelier try, it tries to revive this culture in the world.

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    Privet Caviar Tasting

    We can plan a most luxury privet caviar tasting for your parties, our professional team will design and execute a private caviar tasting party and create the most luxurious and beautiful moment for you and your guests in your place.

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