Mirood Caviar

Gourmet Boutique Company under MIROOD CAVIAR brand was established in 2018 with the aim of presenting caviar in Asia and Oceania Market to restaurants, hotels and high-end customers. Managing team of Gourmet Boutique, having 12 years of experience in exporting Iranian Caviar to different countries of the world, decided to open company in Taiwan was established to create a global most luxury brand through a selection of BELUGA, OSSETRA and BAERII from the Iranian farms.

Iranian Caviar Story

Historians say that estrogen fish was first discovered by Iranians in the fourth century in the Caspian Sea (northern Iran).

In fact, the Persian word ‘’KHVIYAR’’ is the word that inspired the modern term we know and love. The Persian Empire control the sturgeon trading for many years and prior to the global demand for oil, caviar was likely the most valuable and desirable export in IRAN to other countries in the world. As most caviar connoisseurs know, the name “CAVIAR” only applies to roe from Sturgeon fish.

Other fish eggs like trout roe or salmon roe not considered caviar.

Why Iranian Caviar

Iranian Caviar was enjoyed by high-class members of Roman society and most notoriously consumed in large quantities by the Czars of Old Russia. From the fourth century until today, the trade of Iranian caviar in international markets is one of the cash flows sources for Iran and has created added value such as oil due to the monopoly of Iranian caviar for this country. The taste, structure, color and type of processing of Iranian Caviar from the fourth century until today has been able to remain a monopoly and as the most luxurious and expensive Caviar in the world to be considered by rich people and high-end family in each country and no alternative has been found until today in the world.

The Value Of Iranian Caviar

After the overfishing of sturgeon in Caspian Sea and their declining population in recent years, the Iranian government has enacted strict laws and sturgeon breeding to preserve the generation of these valuable sturgeon. Iranian Caviar has been one of the products of the friendly relationship between Iran and the Western countries has helped because Western countries are one of the fix customers and applicants for Iranian Caviar. Of course, you should know that the volume of Iranian Caviar is limited, which has multiplied the value of this caviar.


The Caspian Sea can be considered as the most suitable place on the planet for caviar breeding. Water structure, minerals in the water, water temperature and climate of the Caspian Sea region are all cases that make the south of this sea in the northern part of Iran the best region in the land is used for sturgeon farming and the birthplace of Huso Huso. Difficult breeding conditions, old age of the fish and endangered offspring have led to the high value of Huso Hoso fish, whose caviar is called BELUGA.
You have to be one of the luckiest in the world to have a chance to try real BELUGA from Iran and the Caspian Sea, so always have a mother pearl spoon in your pocket so that if you find the Iranian BELUGA caviar, you do not miss the chance to try it.

Mirood Signature

MIROOD CAVIAR, in cooperation with Iranian caviar experts and sturgeon doctors, has started to select caviar with the parameters defined in its branding structure. Processed, Salt percentage, Color, Size and Packing of the Caviar is our brand signature that end user can trust to us and our brand could be on the top of the caviar brand list in the world.